Update Report on “A Case of Mismanagement of Irish Government Funds” – Should PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) be held accountable?/ Renouncing my Irish citizenship/ Did IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland attempt to shred evidence?/ Irish Government Ponzi Schemes/ Are Prescribed Accountancy Bodies (PABs) discriminating against smaller accountancy firms?/ Are ethical violations now more profitable and less riskier than committing crimes?/ No oversight in Ireland/ Collusion among PABs?/ Give back the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the Irish Community, and more…

Dear All,


If you recall, back in 2015/2016 I sent you a copy of my 164-page Report (Report 1) titled “A Case of Mismanagement of Irish Government Funds.” See link below:




This update Report will be my final communication to you, and its purpose is to continue where Report 1 left off and effectively lay everything out so that you can draw your own conclusions, just as I have.


I’d like to thank whichever member nation uploaded Report 1 onto the European Ombudsman Institute website (it certainly wasn’t Ireland).


Although I believe I made a good case in Report 1 that there was very likely inappropriate behavior (mismanagement of taxpayer funds) relating to Innovation Fund Ireland (IFI) on the part of the Irish Government, I still had some subsequent work to do to exhaust the limited number of options I had available to me to hold the Irish Government accountable.


Once this subsequent work was done, I was then able to submit my complaints (two) to the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) where I attempted to get a ruling of at least an ethical violation on the part of the Irish Government.


Additionally, I decided to go a step further and send all of these SIPO communications (complaints/decisions) to other relevant oversight bodies, representing a request for an investigation by these bodies.


But first, let me discuss in more detail what the alleged crime was…click on link below.


Kind regards,

Maurice D. Landers

update Report February 2018

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