Report: A Case of Mismanagement of Irish Government Funds? – Recalled emails by Enterprise Ireland/Cost of corruption per Irish household greater than water charges?/Innovation Fund Ireland a sham structure?/Systemic problem with Ireland’s justice and oversight system/Freedom of Information replies, and more…

Hi everyone,


It’s been a while since my last communication to you on matters relating to Failte 32 and Opportunity Ireland, and indeed matters relating to support for the Irish at home and abroad, but this communication is of particular importance to me and I believe the Irish people. It is also of importance to international investors.


I’m sure most of you will remember the three documents (summary documents) I sent to you last year. These documents relate to what I believe was very likely mismanagement of Irish Government funds by two of Ireland’s Government Agencies, the National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) and Enterprise Ireland (EI), in their treatment of applications for funding by U.S. and other investors under a competitive tender/expression of interest program called Innovation Fund Ireland (IFI).


I spent the past year or so seeking a formal investigation into my case, but with little success.


However, my attempts to initiate an investigation during this period revealed what I believe to be a systemic problem with Ireland’s oversight system. Therefore, although I had no previous intention of writing another document regarding this case, I thought it only appropriate to provide a public record of my results, and since I had little success initiating an investigation, there really was no other course of action open to me.


My requests for an investigation followed a path to many different organizations and public bodies, and it wasn’t an easy task to document my case without coming across as if I was pointing the finger at quite a few people. The multiple bodies I have singled out certainly gave me reason to (and imply a systemic problem), and most are part of the Irish Government. The journey revealed some interesting and unexpected insights along the way through the replies I received…


Kind regards,

Maurice D. Landers

Report – A Case of Mismanagement of Irish Government Funds

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