Irish Pittsburgh effort on Comprhensive Immigration Reform


Many great issues in front of the Pittsburgh Irish diaspora currently.  I know the IAUC and AOH locally are working hard to pass resolution in the State legislature for a united Ireland.  Then there is continuing work to protect persons at risk over the Boston College/IRA archives affair.  And of course many of you have continued to assist the Institute in relation to host families, placements, and our upcoming big event on July 11, with Ambassador Collins and other VIPs.  And many other events and activities keeping the Pittsburgh Irish community busy these days….



Senator Charles Schumer of New York is currently shepherding a bill through Congress that, if passed, would allow millions of law-abiding people who already pay taxes and social security, who contribute to their communities, to come out of the shadows of the undocumented and partake fully in the American experience.  The bill also has a provision, referenced as the E-3 visa piece, that will allow 10,000 Irish citizens of varying educational levels to enter the US to avail of job opportunities on a renewable non-immigrant visa.  Many of these Irish men and women would find such opportunities in Pittsburgh, thanks to people like you.


The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR), which helped write the bill, is calling on Irish diaspora across the US to reach out to Senators and Congressmen who represent them.


One of the most influential men in the Senate right now is Pat Toomey.  The ILIR believes, as Mr. Toomey votes, so will many conservatives, both in the Senate and the House.  So I’m asking you to take 30 seconds and call Mr. Toomey’s office.  And if you have a minute, call both the local and DC offices.  And just let him and his staff hear you on this important issue by saying:

“I support Comprehensive Immigration Reform for two reasons – first it’s good for America, and second there are provisions that help the Irish.”

Please call Senator Toomey now at

(412) 803-3501

(202) 224-4254

Thanks for all that you do on behalf of Ireland and the Pittsburgh Irish Community.



James J. Lamb

Honorary Consul of Ireland



Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh

Suite 1207 Investment Building

239 Fourth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



United Way Campaign of Southwestern Pennsylvania: 4534

Combined Federal Campaign: 12438
Local Federal Campaign: 9016


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