HaloCard Donation Portal Launch


Dear Non Profit,

We are very pleased to announce that the HaloCard™ movement is now underway!  We will be issuing HaloCards™ to enthusiastic supporters of non-profit organizations like yours by the end of this month.  We want you to be ready!
It’s Time to Create Your Organization’s HaloCard™ Profile

We want to give all of the non-profit organizations that have previously expressed interest in the HaloCard™ platform the first opportunity to upload their profile on the HaloCard™ Donation Portal.  The Donation Portal is the website that will allow our cardholders and your supporters to direct their HaloCard™ donations to your organization with no out-of-pocket costs.
Creating your profile only takes 20-30 minutes, there is no cost or commitment, and most importantly, your organization’s logo, message, and mission will gain valuable exposure to all future HaloCard™ cardholders.
Here are some simple instructions for you:
1.  Click on admin.myhalocard.net
2.  Enter your organizations EIN Number
3.  Set up your organization’s username and password
     When your organization’s listing appears:
4.  Click on “Enhance This Profile”
5.  Enter and upload your organization’s information, such as your logo, mission and message
6.  Click “Submit”
7.  Then click “View This Profile” to see what the cardholders will see
8.  That’s it!  You’re Done!
We encourage you to view our short tutorial video to learn more about the Donation Portal and get some helpful tips on how to upload your profile information:
HaloCard™ Donation Portal Instructions for Non-Profits
HaloCard™ Donation Portal Instructions for Non-Profits
Thank you for your interest in HaloCard™.  Once your profile is set up, we will contact you with suggestions as to how your organization can make the most of the HaloCard™ platform.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations, and providing you a valuable new way to capture the power of the many who can give a little.
If you have any questions or problems creating your profile please call us at 1-855-425-6435 or just reply to this email.
Nick Lepetsos
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