Women’s Advancement Compact

Thanks so much for showing interest in learning about the Women’s Advancement Compact.

There has not been a time in recent history when so much press has been devoted to women and careers and ‘work life balance’, and women having it all or not having it all.

The Womens’ Advancement Compact (WAC) is a community comprised of educational specialists, a Board of Advisors, strategic partners and New York City based corporate professionals sharing the common goal of professional career advancement, while integrating family life, and personal development.

The WAC realizes that no one has it all; we all need to make choices. Our mission is to support and provide tools to enable NYC corporate professional to have more and work toward their vision of “having it all” whatever that might look like.

Don’t let the name fool you; participation of both men and women is essential to the advancement of women. Men will learn how the advancement of women will ultimately enhance company profits, and how conversations and actions at home will result in the next generation’s success in the workplace and domestically. It’s important that men are part of this evolution.

The WAC comes at a great time; when companies are looking for ways to attract, retain, and advance women, the WAC brings a ‘one stop shop’ to address all angles of career, family and self development.

 The Kick-Off Event: On May 9, 2013 will serve to introduce the concept of the WAC community as well as our specialists and strategic partners to a group of people who understand the value of women’s advancement and the benefit of a strong professional support system.

Come hear what we’re all about! You will be inspired and will walk out with much food for thought. Here’s a link to the kick off invite. I hope to see you there.




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