Debut performance of the Fusion Fighters

One important thing you should know is we do not want to reveal our personal identities to the public :)  
We have just released our video and we have already got a great response, I wanted to reach out to people who might have an outlet to have our video played so let me know if you can think of anyone I should send it to. Here it is..


Trafalgar Square- St. Patrick’s day launch



Live in Trafalgar Square this St. Patrick’s Day, you could be the first to witness the debut performance of the Fusion Fighters. A brand new Irish dance group that will blow your mind!  These futuristic dancers will transport you to a new level of excitement that is out of this world.

Check out our online video and exclusive debut performance in Trafalgar Square, St. Patrick’s Day 17th March 2013.


Contact – Chris Naish   7557 440274

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